About US

Boardfolio is a small team of creatives and business people located in Germany in the beautiful baroque city of Ludwigsburg. Our mission is to combine our knowledge from experiences to create a platform that offers an easy way for creatives to sell their products. 

As we lived through the process of creating and selling games,  we experienced that building up a business on top of developing games is a difficult task. 

With Boardfolio it is our mission to solve this problem by removing the hurdles and obstacles and making the way clear for all kinds of developers to showcase and sell their products without having too much trouble. There is no “too much creativity”. So we are  eagerly building this website to clear the way for many amazing products to come.

We highly value a friendly and open working atmosphere, as we believe that a cheerful and open-minded mood greatly improves cooperation with other people. Our aim is to involve everyone who comes into contact with Boardfolio in such an atmosphere.

We are team Boardfolio and we are looking forward to meeting you!

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