DEBAUCHERY – Monster Metal

BLOOD GOD – Hard Rock & Heavy Metal

BALGEROTH – German Metal

In 20 years, singer and guitarist Thomas Gurrath has created an entire band universe with over 30 CDs spread across more than 17 albums from Debauchery, Blood God and Balgeroth. He has united this Trinity of Blood Gods under the name BLUTGOTT.
Musically, the band moves across genres somewhere between Judas Priest, Slayer, AC/DC, Rammstein and Bolt Thrower. There is pounding death metal, classic heavy metal and groovy hard rock, sometimes with screeching vocals, sometimes with the distinctive monster voice, sometimes clean, and everything in between.
The lyrics - in German and English - deal with the band's own dark fantasy universe: the World of Blood Gods. Named after the Blood Gods - biomechanical vampire dragons with demonic abilities.
The three most infamous are Bal-Geroth, the Bloodking of Knochenheim, Dracul Drakorgoth, the Debauchery Blood God and Setekh Drakorgaur, the Red Dragon. Together they form the Trinity of Blood Gods.
In the war zones of the past and future, on Earth, Eden, other planets and Hell, they fight brutal battles against elves, humans and dwarves, as well as other demons. The World of Blood Gods has its own miniatures and its own tabletop game, called Kings of Carnage.
Concerts of the various incarnations of the BLUTGOTT Metal Universe have been held throughout Europe, Russia and Asia. They have performed with Doro, Saxon, Dismember, Napalm Death, Destruction and many other well-known bands from the  metal scene and played at major festivals such as Wacken, Summer Breeze and Bang Your Head. The albums are regularly in the top 50 of the official German album charts.

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