Welcome to Boardfolio

A platform specialized in hobby products. Boardfolio gives you, the creators, the power to sell your original products to fans worldwide.

Designed for Creators

Being a creator on Boardfolio means to have full control over your products and their prices. We guarantee that creators are allowed to sell their original products only. That means that all prices, bundles, and discounts are completely up to you!

Fair and simple Pricing Structure

Having a shop on Boardfolio is completely free. There is no entry fee or monthly costs. Only for maintenance and promotion purposes a small fee applies when you sell a product using this simple formula:

Product Price


10% Comission


Your Profit


Easy Setup. Personal Assistance

Templates and step-by-step instructions set you up in no time. Customize your store page and get help from our personal support.

All hobby Products are welcome

There is a vast range of products you can sell on Boardfolio: Boardgames, role playing games, comics, miniatures and many more!

A Place to Connect

Become part of the Boardfolio family and connect with your fellow creators. As seller you will get access to our special Creator-Program. On Boardfolio we care about being:




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